Long-Distance Coach

N80 Dortmund - London


  1. Düsseldorf
  2. Aachen
  3. Maastricht
  4. Liège
  5. Calais
  6. Calais
  7. FOCA
  8. London

Due to current travel restrictions, some connections will be cancelled. Please contact your travel agent or tour operator to find out whether your trip can take place. Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!
Arrival Departure Stops
22:00 Düsseldorf Düsseldorf
23:15 23:20 Aachen Aachen, Aachen Henricistraße
23:55 23:59 Maastricht Maastricht
00:45 +1d 00:55 +1d Liège Liège
04:30 +1d 04:45 +1d Calais Calais, Polley Secured Lorry Park (Pre UK Check)
05:00 +1d 06:20 +1d Calais Calais, CAFO
07:00 +1d 07:10 +1d FOCA FOCA
09:30 +1d London London

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