ZOB Munich, one of Germany’s most modern coach stations, offers direct access to a network of destinations throughout Germany and Europe, many served by daily departures. If you’re heading for Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart or Dusseldorf, check the timetable for the most convenient departure time. And if you’re planning to go somewhere further afield like Zurich, Amsterdam, Prague or Budapest, ZOB Munich is the ideal starting point for travel to these and a host of other European destinations.

Departure 01-19
Departure Carrier Connection Platform
09:20 FLiXBUS N1304 Warszawa - Dresden - München
09:25 FLiXBUS 029 Munich - Erfurt - Hamburg
09:30 FLiXBUS 001 Freiburg - Munich
09:30 FLiXBUS 034 Berlin - Munich
09:30 FLiXBUS 206 Loerrach - Basel - Munich
09:30 FLiXBUS 310 Bochum - Munich
09:30 FLiXBUS 486 Bologna - Munich Airport…
09:30 FLiXBUS N91 Paris - Munich / Budapest
09:30 Pink Bus PB-1 Düsseldorf ZOB 11
09:30 Pink Bus PB-3 Berlin ZOB 12

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